Canon 5D Mark III Rental

Canon EOS Mark III overview

Rumors are swirling that in mid to late 2011 the Canon EOS 5D Mark III will be the latest in the Canon EOS 5D family. Saturnalia Productions will update this information when more information and release dates become available. We wlll also offer Canon 5D Mark III rental to our clients after the camera becomes available for sale.

As of now, rumored features of this camera include that the Canon EOS 5D Mark III camera will have 19 point auto focus similiar to the Canon EOS 7D.

Like the Mark III, the Canon EOS 5D Mark III camera will allow the user to capture 1920 x 1080 video resolution. It will be interesting to see if the Canon 5D Mark III will include improvements to its capabilities as a video camera, including the addiiton of XLR audio inputs and auto focus.


Canon Mark III Cameraman

Saturnalia Productions is a camera rental house.

We rent numerous other HD cameras, besides the Canon EOS Mark III camera, and we can also plug into your existing crew. For example if you have a producer, director and a soundman you like to work with, we can provide you with other crew like a Canon 5D Mark III cameraman / Director of Photography, a gaffer, grips, etc.. Basically, we can fill all personnel and equipment holes you may have on a given production, allowing you to focus on the numerous other creative and financial aspects of your production. Our services are a la carte, so you may choose to use Saturnalia Productions for all, some or simply one of our services - like Canon 5d Mark III camera rental or supplying a Canon EOS Mark III cameraman / DP. We are based in Los Angeles, California, but ship equiipment, and travel, around the world.

It's worth mentioning the advantages of allowing us to handle your needs for Canon Mark III camera rental, in addtion to a Canon EOS Mark III camera operator and / or Director of Photography.

  • A discount is offerred by Saturnalia Productions when hiring us to provide both a Canon 5d Mark III cameraman and a Canon 5d Mark III camera rental. A traditonal camera rental house cannot extend this discount since they do not control the rate of the DP / cameraman.

  • The Canon EOS 5d Mark III can be complicated to a user who has not used the camera several times, and, on set, technical issues are the last thing you want to slow down a production. When you hire a Canon EOS 5D Mark III cameraman from Saturnalia Productions you can be assured that you ave someone on set who knows the camera extremely well and can prevent headaches in the field and wasted money in post-production.

  • Our Canon 5d Mark III camera operator can wear several hats including Director of Photography and a video engineer allowing a producer to pay for one person to cover three line items.

  • Our Canon EOS Mark III cameraman can prep your Canon 5d Mark III camera rental at no charge, saving you the cost of a prep day.

Our DPs/cameramen has worked for Lucafilm, NBC, CBS, Warner Brother, Sony, The BBC, Channel4 (England), SAG Awards, Academy Awards, The Olympics, Discovery, PBS, NHK, G4, Subway, Scion and the US Federal Government.


Canon EOS Mark III Rental Package

The specific equipment in your Canon Mark III camera rental package can obviously vary. Once the camera is available for rental, simply send us an email or call with with your desired equipment list. We can also provide some lighting and sound equipment rental as well.


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