Canon HD Prime Lens Set Rental

Canon HD Prime Lenses rental

Canon HD Prime Lenses Overview

Saturnalia Productions offers Canon HD Prime Lens rental. Although we are based in Los Angeles, we ship around the world.

Canon HD prime lens rental can include a Canon EJ 6mm prime lens, Canon EJ 10mm prime lens, Canon EJ 15mm prime lens, Canon EJ 24mm prime lens and Canon EJ 35mm prime lens.

These Canon prime lenses can be separated and individually rented, on occassion.



Rental Use: Digital Camera Lenses
Camera Format: 2/3"
Focal Length: 6mm, 10mm, 15mm, 24mm, 25mm (depending on your lens rental)
Magnification: None
Extender: None
T-stop / speed 1.7
Minimum Focus Distance: Variable - dependent on choice of Canon prime lens


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