Sony F900 Camera Menus

If you are considering f900 camera rental from Saturnalia Productions for an upcoming HD production, you may or may not realize the f900 camera has unprecedented control over the video image captured to HDCam tape.

A HD Director of Photography,  HD camera operator,  or digital imaging technician controls this image using the Sony f900 camera menus.  A rudimentary overview of these f900 camera menus follows.

Flip the switch, which reads MENU on the left panel of the F900 camera.   In the viewfinder menus will appear.   The last MENU, which was viewed, will appear.   In the upper right corner of the viewfinder will read TOP. The HD camera operator, High Director of Photography or digital imaging technician can use the F900 camera’s rotary dial or an extrenal device, like an RM-B150, to navigate to the TOP MENU.

Once they select the TOP MENU, it can be seen in the sony f900 camera viewfinder. The TOP MENU reads:


The f900 menus within OPERATION, PAINT. MAINTENANCE, DIAGNOSIS and USER which are most often used are described below.


Operation Menu
MARKERS – Sets center marker as well as aspect ratio in the viewfinder of the f900 camera. In determining whether f900 rental is most suited for your project it is important to know that the F900 is a 1920 x 1080 (16:9 native) camera.   In other words it always records 16:9 to HDCam tapes.   The markers are simply set in the viewfinder so that the HD camera operator can frame for the aspect ratio of completed HD production. In other words, the HD camera operator can frame for 4:3 (most often associated with SD production), 1:77:1 (most often assocaited with HD production) or 2:35:1 (most often associated 35mm production).


Paint Menu
Almost every PAINT MENU of the f900 camera is used by an experienced digital imaging technician.   These PAINT MENUS allow the user to adjust black levels, white levels, gamma, saturation, knee, skin detail, flare, primary color correction through a three way color corrector, and secondary color correction through a sixteen way color corrector.  The PAINT MENU is truly what makes f900 camera rental different than any other HD camera rental - there is a HD post production system built into the f900 camera.  

Shutter or ECS can also be controlled in the PAINT menu.   However, the master ON/OFF switch is located on the bottom of the f900 camera’s front panel.

Looks / settings for your HD production can also be saved in SCENE FILES and recalled later simply with a single click of f900 camera's rotary dial. These settings can also be transferred to other f900 cameras with the use of an inexpensive memory stick.

Determining looks and doing HD color correction on location can save time in the HD post production phase


Maintenance Menu
In this menu a digital imaging technician can set the L, M, and H gain. It's highly recommended not to go over 6dB as the grain begins to be seen by the unaided eye.

The frame / field rate at which the f900 camera will capture to HDCam tape can also be found in MAINTENANCE MENU.


Diagnosis Menu
Is used to determine if there is an issue with the f900 camera during the coarse of your high definition production.


User Menu
A user can customize a menu structure here.  Think of it as creating a shortcut or alias on your PC.   It allows the digital imaging technician, HD camera operator or HD DP to access the menus they most often use in one master menu. This can increase the set-up speed during your production.


This is simply an extremely brief overview of the f900 camera menus.   If you are considering renting a f900 camera for an upcoming HD production, you should absolutely hire a digital imaging technician.  You'd be inviting danger in not doing so. A good digital imaging technician will save you money and headaches. If you cannot afford a dedicated digital imaging technician, then hire someone who can double as a high definition director of photography, HD cameraman or AC.  

Saturnalia Productions offers all of the high definition crew services, named above, in addition to f900 rental.   Simply contact us for  a quote or if you have other questions.


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