Fujinon HA 13x4.5mm BERM HD Lens Rental

Fujinon 13x4.5mm HD lens rental

Fuji 13x4.5mm HD Wide Angle Lens Overview

Saturnalia Productions rents the Fuji 13x4.5mm HD ENG lens. Although our rental offices are in Los Angeles, we ship HD equipment rental, including lenses, worldwide.

The Fujinon / Fuji 13x4.5 mm ENG zoom lens is a favorite of ENG / handheld 2/3" HD camera operators due to its light weight, zoom rocker ergonomics and 4.5mm focal length which provides a beautiful wide angle.

Keep in mind that Saturnalia Productions can also provide high definition crew: HD camera operator, video engineer, producer, director, AC, etc. One of our "specialities" is providing a turn-key solution for multi-camera production using either our fiber back Sony HDW f900 / 3 cameras or Panasonic HDX 900 cameras. We ship fly packs / air packs from our office in Los Angeles to anywhere in the world.

Our services, including Fuji 13x4.5 mm HD lens rental, are a la carte so you may choose to use all, some or simply one of our products and/or services.

You can choose to use Saturnalia Productions for one (like Canon 11x4.7mm lens rental) , some or all of our production services.



Rental Use: Digital Camera Lens
Camera Format: 2/3"
Focal Length: 4.5mm - 58.5mm
Magnification: 13x
Extender: 2x


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