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If you wish to hire a HD camera operator in Los Angeles, or abroad, simply contact Saturnalia Productions. We have a HD cameraman on staff, who has focused on HD cameras since1999. We also know and work with the best HD cameramen and our rates are among the most competitive in the high definition industry. Saturnalia Productions is based in Los Angeles, California but has shot thousands of hours around the world.

This post / page, however, focuses on the f900 camera and provides a rudimentary overview.


Brief History of Sony HDW-F900 Camera
This particular HD camera was released in 2000 to source Star Wars: Episode II. Lucasfilm wished to source the entire feature digitally due in large part to the digital pioneering efforts of Industrial Light and Magic in HD post production.

HD Camera Operator and knowledge of Sony HDW-f900 Camera menus
The Sony f900 camera (links to another posting) is, in essence, an extremely powerful, post-production system with an high definition lens to capture live images to tape. For camera operators, used to shooting with a film camera, the Sony HDW f900 camera can be intimidating at first. However shooting clean, color-correct images is not very difficult. Armed with that basic knowledge / education, the HD camera operator can dive deeper into the menu structure of the Sony f900 camera at their leisure.

Hiring an HD Cameraman and a Digital Imaging Technician
If you are a producer and you have an HD camera operator you love to work with, but who knows relatively little about the hdw f900 camera – no worries. Saturnalia Productions can help you, by providing a digital imaging technician who can also serve as an assistant HD camera operator, for instance. In other words, a digital imaging technician, who knows every menu and technical nuance of the Sony HDW f900 camera, can be on location and also serve in another crew position in order to save the production company money.

Ergonomics of the Sony HDW-f900 Camera

The HDW f900 camera is an amazing high definition camera, ergonomically. It was designed to be both a CINE or an ENG high definition camera. So an HD camera operator in one instance can use a 22x7.3 HD Fuji Zoom Lens or high definition prime lenses and shoot a scene for a feature on a tripod, but within that same feature he can go handheld very easily with an HD camera weighing between 25 and 30 pounds. As an HD camera operator, you’ll be glad to know that the camera is well-balanced, and lends itself to ENG work since it was designed like a DigiBetacam.

High Definition Lenses for the High Definition Camera Operator and / or HD Director of Photography

Basically, the Sony HDW-f900 was designed with an ENG video camera operator in mind – so any 2/3” HD lens with a B-4 mount can be used. 35m adaptors can also be used. In other words, a high definition camera operator or HD Director of Photography can use HD primes lenses, an HD ENG lens, an HD Cine lens, or 35mm lenses with the help of a 35mm adaptor.


An HD Cameraman is on staff for Saturnalia Productions. With a decade of HD experience, our HD Director of Photography / High Definition Camera Operator has shot thousands of hours of HDCam footage and his credits include CSI:Miami, CSI: Vegas, CSI: New York, CBS, BBC, HBO, MTV, Discovery and Disney. We also work with a stable of freelance HD camera operators in Los Angeles and throughout the world. Contact Saturnalia Productions for rates, to ascertain availability for specific dates and/or to book dates.


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