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If you're looking to hire an HD cameraman, simply contact Saturnalia Productions. We are located in Los Angeles, California but travel around the world.

We have an extremely experienced high definition cameraman on full-time staff. Since 1999, he has been a dedicated HD cameraman and shot thousands hours of HD content for broadcasters including CBS, NBC, BBC, ESPN, Channel 4 (England), Disney, Subway, Scion, MTV and Discovery. He specilizes in ENG documentary work and lighting, but has also served as Director of Photography on dozens of commercials and television shows. Contact Saturnalia Productions to inquire into availability, rates, to see his reel and/or to book dates.

If for whatever reason, you feel he is not well-matched to your particular project we work with the most talented yet affordable HD camera operators in the industry, in Los Angeles and abroad, including ASC and SOC members and will do our best to find a HD Director of Photography / HD cameraman to suit your needs.

The following is an interview with a high definition camera operator based in Los Angeles, California. The information below is an excerpt from an interview, which provides insight into the career path of an HD cameraman. It is given freely to help others. Of course, it is simply one particular path and there are an infinite number of ways to attain your goal, if you wish to become a working high definition cameraman in Los Angeles or abroad.

In exchange for allowing us to record, transcribe and publish interview responses on this page the subject wished to remain anonymous.


Q - How did you begin – how did you get your first job as an HD cameraman?

A – That’s a funny question since the answer isn’t a short one, but I’ll try to make it short. Basically, I was an editor and a client we were working for bought a Sony f900 camera (links to another posting) back in the early days of HD – around 2001. I told him I was interested in becoming an HD cameraman, and asked if I could read the manual and get familiar with the camera in the office – not take it out or anything. Our relationship was good and he trusted me because I was a proficient editor and had used SD video cameras for several years so he allowed me to learn. I took the Santa Fe HD Camera Workshop, became a digital imaging technician, and then began to work for that same client as a high definition camera operator.

Q- Was that here in Los Angeles – that you had that first job as a high definition cameraman?

A- No, it was a little north of Los Angeles.


Q- Do you mind me asking what type of shot it was?

A- No- that’s fine. It was a shoot involving a comedian from Los Angeles. It was a pitch for Comedy Central.


Q- Did the show sell?

A- No, but I have a relationship with Comedy Central to this day in order to pitch them.


Q- So it sounds like you’re an HD cameraman and a producer?

A- Well, honestly, I got into this business to create content. I fell in with HD documentary and television people, seized opportunities to learn equipment when I had access to it in order to make a living as an editor, HD cameraman, or whatever…until I got a chance to develop and create my own content.


Q- Sounds like you’re still on that path and making a living as a high definition camera operator in the meantime. Is that the case?

A- Yes, that sounds about right.


Q- So you learned the Sony HDW-F900 camera first and worked with it as an HD cameraman and as a digital imaging technician. Did you learn and work as an HD cameraman with other cameras after that?

A- Yes , indeed. I was a cameraman with the Viper, Sony F950, Panasonic HDX-200, Sony Z1U. I even shot with the Sony 700A, which was the predecessor of the Sony HDW F900 camera, after I had learned and shot with the F900.


Q- Do you have any advice for a beginning HD Cameraman or someone looking to become an HD Camera Operator?

A- Seize every opportunity you get and think creatively. If you get around hundreds of thousands of dollars or millions of dollars worth of HD equipment push yourself, stay after hours, and learn. I can’t even tell you how many friends I had, who worked at rental houses, and since they were around HD cameras every day they learned more than almost anyone in Los Angeles. They had to prep the gear, every nuance, and deal with ACs. They had to answer questions clients had on set. They became digital imaging technicians, and then almost invariably a producer would have an HD production with a limited budget and they’d have a tough choice – to hire a technician who knew the camera inside and out or hire an HD cameraman who knew nothing about the HD camera. Basically, they wouldn’t have money for both positions. So occasionally, if the shoot wasn’t too demanding the digital imaging technician would work as an HD camera operator. I can’t even tell you how many times I saw this happen, especially in the early days. Now, if you want a successful career as an HD cameraman, you better at least know the basic camera menus and a little about being a video engineer. Otherwise, you’ll start losing jobs to people who really did push themselves as both a tech/engineer and an HD camera operator.


Saturnalia Productions has an HD Cameraman on staff. He has over a decade of HD experience, has shot thousands of hours all over the world and his credits include CSI: Vegas, CSI:Miami, CSI: New York, BBC, CBS, HBO,Disney, MTV, and Discovery. Contact Saturnalia Productions to inquire into availability, rates and/or to book dates.

As an HD production company, for over a decade we have worked with HD cameramen, HD Directors of Photography and Digital Imaging Technicians in Los Angeles and all over the world. In short, we've identified the best, brightest, and most affable people in the HD industry. As a result, we can help match producers with a HD cameraman and/or any other high definition crew personnel based on the particulars of the high definition production.


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