High Definition Crew - Hiring one company

Considerations in hiring your High Definition Crew
Unless you are an experienced High Definition ("HD") UPM, producer or production coordinator it can be extremely daunting hiring an HD crew piece-meal one-by-one. You are better off simply hiring an entire high definition crew with Saturnalia Productions or another extremely experienced HD Crew.

There are several advantages to doing so:

  • You are getting a high definition crew who has worked together in the past. They like and know one another, so you are far less likely to get professional or personality conflicts in your high definition crew.
  • As a producer, UPM, or line producer you can simply deal with one point-person who oversees the entire crew all production details – call time, location, breakdown, etc and leave it to them to coordinate all the pieces for the HD Crew.
  • Saturnalia’s high definition crew can include any of the following components: Producer, line producer, production coordinator, Director, AD, HD Director of Photography, HD Camera Operator, Production Assistants, Grips, Media Manger, Offline HD Editor, Animator, Online HD Editor / Conform, Sound Mixer and sweetener, HD Colorist, Media Mastering (for cinema, broadcast or web).
  • Less paperwork. Usually you simply pay the production company who hires all crew – 1099.
  • Provided you choose your HD production company well, they will know all the best people in HD and surround themselves with low-key professionals in every high definition crew position.
  • An HD Crew usually has their own HD camera, sound equipment, lighting etc. which means they usually are insured and can offer extreme discounts as an HD Crew.


Complementing your existing HD Crew
Saturnalia Productions can alternatively plug into the remaining holes in your high definition crew. For example, let's say you are producing an HD television series and you have an HD Director of Photography, a Director you love to work with, and some sound gear a friend will let you use for free. Well, we’ll simply fill every other position in your high definition crew as well as plug the holes for your equipment needs. Saturnalia Productions can do so at extremely competitive rates and our HD Crews have shot thousands of hours of HD footage with a wide variety of HD cameras around the world, so we know all the best people and our high definition crew will always be a dream team of HD experts.


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