Red Camera Rental

Pros and cons of RED Camera Rental from a smaller rental company
As a UPM or line producer it is understandably difficult to decide which vendor to choose for Red camera rental and / or other HD equipment rental.

The pros of renting from a big HD equipment rental company are brand awareness and an ample supply of equipment if something were to go wrong. At least that's the illusion created by their 20,000 square foot warehouse.

The pros of renting from a boutique or smaller rental company are usually better price and the person you are renting from knows every nuance of the gear. Usually a Red camera, or any other piece of rental equipment, is meticulously maintained and reliable as well. However, make certain the smaller rental company has relationships with various vendors, big and small, in town so they can replace your Red camera swiftly if something goes down during production.

Saturnalia Productions will have someone on location with you on most occasions, as an operator or an AC. If they cannot fix technical difficulty you are experiencing in the field associated with your Red camera rental, then they will make arrangements to replace the Red camera anytime day or night.


RED Camera Rental from Saturnalia Productions
Saturnalia Productions has three Red One cameras available for rent. The details of our Red camera rental packages can be found on the HD Camera Rental page.



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