RED Scarlet Rental

RED Scarlet Camera overview

The RED Scarlet camera was not shown at 2010 NAB, but a RED Epic prototype was showcased.

The RED Scarlet camera is scheduled for release in 2012 according to Jim Jannard. Saturnalia Productions will stay updated on developments and provide RED Scarlet camera rentals, in the future.

RED Scarlet is designed as a 3K camcorder with options that could allow it to operate much like a DSLR camera. This lightweight alternative to the 4K RED One camera, has an interchangable 8x 2/3" zoom lens. All modules and accessories, according to RED, are designed to be interchangable.

Some of the Scarlet's capabilities include: Increased data rates to REDCODE 100, two independent 48 KHz microphone channels, still and motion modes,Genlock and 1080P or 720P scaled recording at 60 frames per second.


RED Scarlet Cameraman

When the RED Scarlet camera is released, Saturnalia Productions will not operate solely as a RED Scarlet camera rental house. Our company can also provide you with a qualified RED Scarlet cameraman in Los Angeles or abroad. We have traveled the world, shooting thousands of hours of high definition footage around the world, in extreme conditions at times, since 1999 and our expertise will extend to the RED Scarlet camera, when it is released.

You will be able to simply use Saturnalia Productions for your RED Scarlet camera rental needs, but there are several advantages in allowing us to operate the RED Scarlet camera as well:

  • We can offer you bundled discounts, since you are renting both the RED Scarlet camera and hiring one of our RED Scarlet camera operators. An independent RED Scarlet cameraman or camera rental house would be unable to bundle these services.

  • You can rest assured that you are hiring a cameraman, who is very experienced using the RED Scarlet camera - i.e. you won't run the risk of hiring a camera operator who simply says he knows how to operate the RED Scarlet camera you have rented.

  • You can avoid having to pay a video engineer, AC or cameraman for a prep day. Since our RED Scarlet camera operator is an employee of our company he will prep the camera at no cost to you.

Our camera operator credits include BBC, CBS, Discovery Communications, Disney, Sony, NHK, PBS, Subway, Scion, numerous concerts and countless independent production companies. Simply contact us, tell us a little about your production, and we will send you detailed bios and reels of the camera operator who we consider best suited to your production needs.

Saturnalia Productions also rents lighting, sound and a variety of other production and post-production equipment. Simply contact us with your equipment rental needs and/or to receive a bid.




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