Sony 3D Camera Rental

Sony PMW-TD300 XDCam overview

The Sony PMW-TD300 camcorder is the latest in the XDCam family and the first 3D camera to record in this proprietary format. Saturnalia Productions is proud to offer this Sony 3D camera rental to our clients in Los Angeles and abroad.

The features of the Sony PMW-TD300 camera include:

  • Three dual 1/2" Exmor chips
  • 1920 x 1080 stereoscopic recording
  • Assignable, independent wheels for focus, convergence and iris
  • The choice to see your 3D image in the color viewfinder
  • Ergonimic design as a shoulder mount camera
  • Capture up to 400 minutes of footage when using four 64GB cards, allowing Sony PMW-TD300 camera operators and DPs to capture for an entire day without a single download
  • The XDCam format allows for a tapeless workflow
  • Recording formats include MPEG2 HD (4:2:0), HQ mode 35 Mb/s, SP mode 25 Mb/s

Sony 3D Cameraman

Saturnalia Productions rents a number of cameras, including the Sony TD-300 camera. These other cameras, and our lenses, can be found on our CAMERA RENTAL page.

In addition, we can also provide crew including a Sony 3D cameraman / Director of Photography in Los Angeles or abroad. Our camera rental and personnel services are a la carte. In other words, you can choose to use all of our services, some or simply one - like Sony PMW-TD300 camera rental.

There are, however, several advantages to hiring us to provide a Sony PMW-TD300 cameraman and/or Director of Photography in addition to Sony 3D camera rental:

  • We offer a bundle discount when providing two or more services. A dedicated camera rental house in Los Angeles could not offer a bundled discount for Sony 3D camera rental and a camera operator / DP since they do not employ DPs and/or cameramen.
  • Professional digital video cameras require a video engineer on set in order to ensure images are being recorded to be post-prodcution "friendly". If you hire a Sony PMW-TD300 cameraman / DP from Saturnalia Productions, you know that you have hired someone who is incredibly familiar with the camera and will not make decisions in the field which cost you time and / or money in post-production.
  • You can save money by hiring one person to "wear two hats" since our Sony 3D cameraman can also serve as the 3D XDCam video engineer.
  • You can avoid having to pay for a prep day since our cameraman and / or DP preps the Sony PMW-TD300 camcorder for you at no charge.

Regardless of whether its a feature, TV, documentary, commerical, concert, music video or industrial) our DPs / cameramen can handle the job. Their credits span all categories and genres. Simply give us a call, explain you shoot confidentially, and we'll find the most suitable personnel for you. Credits include NBC, CBS, Discovery Networks, WB, Sony, Disney, HBO, BBC, CH 4 (Britain), SAG Awards, Academy Awards, Subway, Scion, The Olympics and Lucasfilm.

As alluded to earlier, Saturnalia Productions is a full-service production company. In other words, we can supply all crew, all equipment, some crew, some equipment or simply provide a single service like a 3D DP / camera operator.


Sony 3D Camera Rental Package

The specific equipment in your Sony 3D camera rental package can vary. Simply send us an email or call with with your desired equipment list and dates.

Saturnalia Productions can supply lights and sound rental as well.


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