Sony EX3 Camera Rental

Sony PMW-EX3 XDCam overview

The PMW-EX3 is the latest camera modeled after the often rented Sony PMW-EX1 camera. Improvements on the earlier model include a design more conducive to shoulder-mount ENG shooting, an interchangeable lens system and genlock for multi-camera production. Sony EX3 camera rental is associated with XDCAM post-production workflow.

The PMW-EX3 camera is the first semi-shoulder camera to use the CineAlta brand, giving it the ability to record in multiple frame and field rates including 59.94i, 50i and native 23.976P.

The Sony EX3 camera can also be switched between 1080i and 720P, and 35 and 25 Megabits per second. The camera / camcorder uses three 1/2" CMOS sensors. Each sensor is 1920x1080 pixels. Two memory card slots allow a pair of 16 GB SxS PRO memory cards to record a maximum 140 minutes of continuous 1920x1080 footage.

Each Sony EX3 camera rental comes with a Fujinon 14x interchangeable lens, allowing you to rent and use other 1/2" lenses on your production. Other lens mount sizes, such as 2/3", may be used during the course of a Sony EX3 camera rental, provided you have the proper lens mount adaptor.


Sony EX3 Cameraman

Saturnalia Productions is not a typical Sony EX3 camera rental house. We can provide you with a world-class Sony EX3 cameraman in Los Angeles or abroad.

There are several pros to hiring Saturnalia Productions for your Sony EX3 cameraman needs:

  • Since we can provide both Sony EX3 camera rental and EX3 camera operator, we have the ability to extend discounts to you that an EX3 cameraman, without a camera, or a dedicated EX3 camera rental house could not.

  • You can be certain you are getting a cameraman who is extremely familiar with every nuance of the Sony EX3 camera you have rented. In other words, you can avoid accidentally hiring a cameraman who claims to know the Sony EX3 camera.

  • You do not have to pay an AC, video engineer, DP or camera operator to prep the Sony PMW-EX3 camera and any ancillary equipment you may rent (ie you save money by avoiding having to pay for a "prep day".)

Our Sony EX3 cameraman credits include BBC, NBC, CBS, Channel 4 (England), Discovery, the Olympics, and National Geographic.


Sony Ex3 Camera Rental can include:

(1) Case
(1) Sony EX-3 Camera
(3) Sony BP-U30 Batteries
(1) Sony BC-U1 Battery Charger
(1) Fujinon 14x Lens
(1) 1/2" lens adaptor
(1) Lens Hood
(1) Sony Remote Control Unit
(1) Shoulder Strap
(1) Sony EX3 Manual
(1) Sony XDCAM EX Clip Browsing Software
(1) 8GB SxS Express Card
(1) SxS Device Driver Software
(1) Component Cable
(1) AV Cable
(1) USB Cable

The equipment listed above is simply a placeholder Sony EX3 camera rental package. The specific equipment in your Sony EX3 camera rental will be customized based on your production's needs.

Saturnalia Productions also owns a variety of sound, lighting and other production equipment. Simply contact us so we can discuss your production in order to help determine your personnel and equipment needs.


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