Sony F3 Camera Rental

Sony PMW-F3 XDCam overview

The Sony PMW-F3 camcorder is the latest in the Cinelata family.

With numerous HD cameras on the rental market, choosing the correct camera and workflow which best suits your budget, acquistion and distribution needs can be challenging. Reasons to rent the Sony F3 camera rental include:

  • The Sony F3 camcorder has a Exmor 35 CMOS imaging sensor. Like 35mm film, this imaging sensor allows those who rent a Sony F3 camera to attain a similar shallow depth of field to 35mm cameras / lenses.

  • The F3 sensor has a sensitivity of ISO 800 and a S/N noise ratio of 63 dB. This sensitivity is, of course, useful for shooting in low-light conditions.

  • Sony F3 rental allows users to rent and use 35mm lenses, due to its PL mount. A SxS card can record lens metadata such as focus and iris, which becomes particularly useful for visual effects / post-production.

  • XDCam workflow for the Sony F3 camera allows for tapeless workflow.

  • Camera operators who use and/or rent a Sony F3 camera immedialtely notice it's light weight of 5 lb 4 oz.

  • A single BP-U60 battery powers this camera for approximately three hours since its power consumption is only 24 watts. Minimal power consumption, light weight, and the XDCam format make Sony F3 camera rental ideal for ENG shoots.

  • HD-SDI dual-link output is 4:2:2 50/59.94 uncompressed.

  • The Sony F3 camera is scalable. When S-LOG and RGB options are included, RGB 4:4:4 output is possible to external VTRs or recorders which can capture 4:4:4.

  • A 3D-LINK option allows cameramen, DPs and producers who rent two Sony F3 cameras to capture stereoscopic images using a single remote control. The Sony 3D cameras are connected with a 10-pin cable which allows for genlock and simultaneous control of iris and focus.

Sony F3 Cameraman

Saturnalia Productions is not solely a Sony F3 camera rental house. Our company can also provide you with a world-class Sony F3 cameraman in Los Angeles or abroad. Our camera rental and personnel services are a la carte, meaning you can simply choose to use one, some or all of our services.

However, there are several advantagesto hiring Saturnalia Productions to provide a Sony F3 cameraman in addition to Sony F3 camera rental.

  • We can offer you bundled discounts since we're providing two services, Sony F3 camera rental and a Sony F3 camera operator. A dedicated camera rental house in Los Angeles, for example, could not offer this bundled discount.

  • Digital, high-end cameras require a specialist on location. By hiring a Sony PMW-F3 camera operator and/or Director of Photography from Saturnalia Productions, you can rest assured that you have hired someone who knows the Sony F3 camera, instead of accidentally hiring someone who has simply talked their way into a job.

  • You will not have to pay a video engineer to be on set. Our camera operators and DP's can double as video engineers, if logisitics permit.

  • You can avoid having to pay an AC, camera operator or DP for a prep day. Our Sony F3 cameras will be prepped for you.

Our DP/cameraman credits include BBC, NBC, CBS, Warner Brothers, Sony, Channel 4 (England), SAG Awards, Academy Awards, The Olympics, Lucasfilm, Discovery and National Geographic.


Sony F3 Camera Rental Package

The specific equipment in your Sony F3 camera rental package will be customized based on your production's needs. Simply call or email and let us know your desired camera package. Saturnalia Productions is based in Los Angeles, California but we can ship a Sony F3 camera rental anywhere in the world and our personnel have acquired thousands of hours of footage in their travels.

Saturnalia Productions can also handle your sound and lighting rental needs. Please contact us either by phone or email with a list of your desired equipment and/or personnel.


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