Sony F900 Camera Rental

Sony HDW-F900 / 3 Camera Overview
The Sony HDW-F900 camera allows the operator to record at 23.976P, 24P, 25P, 29.97P, 50i or 59.94i. The camera, which is part of the CineAlta family, has three 2/3" CCDs which contain 2,200,000 sensors, providing high resolution, broadcast quality 16:9 images.

The Sony F900 camera allows for incredible image control in its PAINT menu. It's unprecedented electronics allow for primary color correction, secondary color correction, white shading, black shading, and the ability to save 100 "looks" to an inexpensive $30 memory card. Using this memory card, a "look" can be transferred from one F900 camera to another.

The combination of it's 23.976P capability, three 2/3" 2.2 million CCDs, unprecedented control of the image though its PAINT menu, Gen Lock, and a lightweight body has made Sony F900 camera rental very popular. The Sony HDW-F900 camera is the perfect solution for shooting a television series, documentary, commercial, music video, industrial or independent feature.


Sony F900 Cameraman
Our staff Sony F900 cameraman / digital imaging technician has shot thousands of hours of HDCam footage around the world since 2001. He is a graduate of the 2003 Santa Fe Workshop in Toronto, resides in Los Angeles and has traveled the world.

His camera operator credits and clients include BBC, Disney, Warner Brothers, Sex and the City (behind the scenes), CBS, Channel 4 (England), CSI: Vegas, CSI: Miami, CSI: New York (behind the scenes), Twilight, Direct TV, G4, various concerts, Discovery and National Geographic. Over the years, our staff F900 cameraman / digital imaging technician has identified the best Sony F900 camera operators in Los Angeles and several abroad, so if you have need for multiple f900 cameramen and need to rent several Sony F900 cameras (whether fiber backed or otherwise locked) Saturnalia Productions can easily provide both.

There are several advantages to having Saturnalia Productions provide both your Sony HDW-F900 rental and your F900 cameraman:

  • We can extend a bundled discount to you that a lone HD cameraman without a Sony F900 camera, or a stand-alone Sony F900 camera rental house in Los Angeles, or abroad, could not.

  • You do not have to pay someone in your camera department a "prep day" to pick up and inspect the equipment. Since we own and regularly maintain our Sony HDW-F900 camcorders, there is no cost to you for our prep day.

  • You get a world-class f900 cameraman / digital imaging technician who is extremely familiar with every button and menu setting of the Sony HDW-F900 camera. In other words, he can serve as both a digital imaging technician ("D.I.T.") and a cameraman -- two paid crew positions become one. For dozens of documentaries he has also served as DP/camera operator, gaffer and soundman (a true one man band), saving the production even more money.

  • Our in-house Sony F900 cameraman has extensive start-to-finish knowledge. He has served as series producer on a NBC syndicated series, as a producer on countless projects, and as a post-production supervisor on numerous commercials, features and television shows. This start-to-finish experience will save you time, money and headaches in the field.


Sony F900 Camera Rental Package
A typical Sony HDW-F900 camera package rental could include:

(1) Sony HDW-F900 / 3 Camera Body
(1) Fuji 22x7.3 ENG HD Zoom Lens
(1) 15mm rod support (2) 15mm aluminum rods (1) 17” HD LCD Monitor
(1) 50' RGB Cable
(1) 6' AC Cable
(1) V20 or O’Conner 2060
(1) Sticks
(1) Quick Release Plate
(1) Camera Plate
(4) IDX Batteries
(1) IDX Quad Charger
(1) AC Power Supply
(1) 4-pin Cable
(1) 10' AC Cable
(1) Raincover
(1) Sony HDW-F900 Camera Manual
(1) Hard Case

The above list of items is simply a placeholder Sony F900 camera rental package. Your Sony F900 camera rental will be customized based on your needs of your production.

For instance, for an interview shoot, you may wish to add:

(1) Rhodes Shotgun Mic
(1) 12' Carbon-Fiber Boom Pole and shock mount
(1) Boommate
(1) 50' XLR Cable
(1) Sennheiser wireless Lav Kit

Again, the exact equipment included in a Sony f900 camera rental package will be determined by your production. A detailed quote, with an exact list of your package, will be generated after you contact us. You will find that our f900 camera rental rates are among the lowest in all of Los Angeles, and that we own a variety of lighting, sound and other production equipment.

Saturnalia Productions can also provide a world-class F900 cameraman and/or AC / digital imaging technician. Please read the section titled SONY F900 CAMERAMAN above for details.


Fiber back Sony F900 Camera Rental / Panasonic HDX900 Rental / Multi-Cam Fiber optic Production
Saturnalia Productions has used fiber back Sony f900 cameras and fiber back Panasonic hdx900 cameras to source hundreds of events around the world including boxing events, MMA and concerts. We also have used and rented fiber optic cameras for features and television shows. We have done numerous fiber back f900 and hdx900 productions in Los Angeles and have built fly packs for remote locations including Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. We are very familiar to restictions and carnes having traveled the world for decades, and our video engineers are among the most respected in the industry.

The advantages of renting mulitple Sony f900 cameras or Panasonic hdx900 with fiber backs is that a single cable can extend thousands of feet with negligable signal loss of video or audio, allowing your director to communicate with fiber back camera operators and video engineers from a mile away.

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