Sony Z7U Camera Rental

Sony HVR-Z7U Camera Overview

The Sony Z7U camera is the first HDV 1/3" CCD camera that has an interchangeable lens mount.

This Sony HVR-Z7U camera has native progressive recording, Flash® recording, the ability to record to HDV tape, and a nonlinear HDV editing workflow. This camera has the ability to record 1080 native 24p HDV, in addition to field rates such a 59.94i.


Sony Z7U Cameraman

Our staff Sony Z7U cameraman has shot HDV footage around the world since the release of the Sony Z1U.

His HD camera operator clients and credits include Disney, Warner Brothers, BBC, CBS, Channel 4 (England) and CSI: Vegas, CSI: Miami and CSI: New York (behind-the-scenes), Discovery and various concerts.

There are several advantages to having Saturnalia Productions provide both Sony Z7U camera rental and a Sony Z7U cameraman:

  • We can bundle the services to reduce the price. A lone Sony Z7U cameraman, who does not rent a Sony Z7U camera, or a rental house who does not provide Z7U camera operator cannot compete.

  • You can be certain you will be hiring a world-class Sony Z7U cameraman, who is familiar with every button and menu setting of the Sony Z7U camera. As an added bonus, if our in-house Sony Z7U cameraman is available, you will be getting someone with a vast amount of production and post-production experience having served as series producer on a NBC syndicated series, producer and post-production supervisor on numerous commercials, features and television shows. This experience can save you time and money in the field, since he shoots with post-production always in mind.

  • You will not have to pay someone in your camera department a "prep day" to go pick-up and inspect rental equipment. Since, we own the production rental equipment and regularly maintain it there is no need for a "prep day".


Sony Z7U Camera Rental can include:

(1) Sony ZIU HDV Camera
(1) Lightweight Tripod
(1) Zoom Control
(1) Firewire Cable
(1) RGB Television Cable and RCA adaptors
(2) Batteries
(1) Battery Charger
(NA) Cables

The equipment listed above for a Sony Z7U camera rental simply serve as placeholders. The actual Sony Z7U package will be customized to your liking. Although we are based in Los Angeles, we have shipped equipment and served as camera operators all over the world.

Saturnalia Productions also owns a variety of lighting, sound and other production equipment. Simply contact us and we get discuss your production and production needs at length.


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